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The contributions of the social sector to the problem of the malfunctioning of justice have been several, for decades. We can highlight the following:

1.- Thousands of non-profit organizations (NPOs) from the social sector have informed us that public authorities violate and do not protect human rights.

2.- Thousands of NPOs have forced international organizations and governments to admit the existence of public corruption and judicial corruption (GRECO, ECHR, United Nations Convention against Corruption, ...).

3.- Thousands of NPOs report problems and solutions, to the public sector of all countries, to international organizations and to the media.

4.- Thousands of NPOs defend victims of human rights violations.

5.- Numerous NPOs defend judicial victims.



The judicial power of all the european countries is distinguished by:

1.- Little respect for people, human rights and laws, creating legal insecurity. This is a characteristic of the public sector, in general.

2.- Public corporatism and judicial corporatism. Public officials tend to cover up the legal infractions of other public officials. This corporatism attempt against judicial independence and the human right to have an independent and impartial tribunal. Public officials are judge and part, which has created a dangerous context of impunity that encourages abuse and failure to comply with the law.

3 .- Monopolies are always harmful, but when they are public, they are also dangerous, especially in the justice that is one of the pillars of coexistence.

4.- The European courts have a public (intergovernmental) character, which is why they have inherited a large part of the characteristics of the judicial power of the countries.

The social sector has the necessary knowledge and structure to participate in judicial decisions, being their participation necessary to guarantee human rights and end judicial corruption.


The movement can only succeed if there is a sufficient minority to support its petitions. For this, it is necessary that a sufficient group of people know the movement and divulge their existence, as well as their petitions.

If you are a social grouping, take part in the movement, divulge our existence, share our publications and petitions, inform the press of our aims and activities.

If you are an individual, follow us on Facebook and YouTube, divulge our existence, share our publications and petitions, and sign our petitions. You can also give us website of associations and Facebook pages of groups and communities related to judicial matters.


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