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Complaints Against Judges

In Spain, we have created an Alliance of associations to denounce prosecutors and judges. This project can be a model to follow in all European countries. 

The website of this Alliance is in Spanish, English, French and German at www.contracorrupcionjudicial.org


Help us to denounce corrupt prosecutors and judges


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The Rule of Law serves so that the institutions be at the service of the general interest and of the people, defending their rights.

The rule of law is based on the fact that judges enforce the law to the rest of public officials, to avoid authoritarianism and corruption, which are the greatest danger of any society.

Therefore, judges have the obligation and power to control all institutions, including governments; however, they do not do it, having absolute IMPUNITY.

Due to this IMPUNITY, judicial corruption is habitual and the judges destroy people's lives, because they sell their sentences, defend their ignorant beliefs and try to implant an authoritarian regime.

In this dangerous and declining scene, a group of associations that defend the Rule of Law, have created the JUDICIAL CORRUPTION COMPLAINANTS alliance, to denounce prosecutors and corrupt judges.

The JUDICIAL CORRUPTION COMPLAINANTS alliance is a private organization, without legal form, without ideology, without political aims and is not financed by entities other than its members.

For this Alliance to force prosecutors and judges to comply with the law, it must have enough popular and media support.

We ask you to sign this petition, so that the authorities of the judicial system and the media, support the complaints of the Alliance that can end the IMPUNITY of prosecutors and judges, making a better world.



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