The European Movement for Justice is a social movement, created by the International Association to Change the World.

It is made up by private non-profit organizations (NPOs), as well as communities and groups that are not legally constituted, such as Facebook.

The European Movement for Justice born to promote changes in the structures of justice in Europe. It is part of the reaction of the social sector to the malfunctioning of the public service of justice in all the countries of the world, including the Europeans (more information in get involved).

We promote these changes through petitions supported by people's signatures. In general, the participation of the social sector in some judicial decisions is requested because public monopoly in justice is the basis of the problem. The second line consists of making petitions to create new norms and structures against judicial corruption.

If the case should be, these NPOs can assume the judicial functions that we manage to transfer from the public sector to the social sector.

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