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Against corruption, judges who comply with the law.
If we make judges comply with the law, we will end corruption and injustice


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Judicial corruption is the world norm and it is the cancer that has corrupted democracies. Judges do not comply with the law because they are not punished for breaking it. This IMPUNITY is provided by other judges who judge and conceal them.

The cancer of judicial corruption destroys the lives of many people; in addition, it promotes generalized institutional corruption with abusive laws and public authorities that abuse its power, business and media corruption, which have as consequences crime, unemployment, poverty, youth without a future; In short, unjust, sick and decadent societies.

In Spain, the Constitution of 1812 established that judges be judged only by a Popular Jury. In this way the human right is guaranteed to an independent and impartial tribunal to judge the judges.

With the Popular Jury, the judges will be forced to comply with the law and to condemn those who do not comply, ending the corruption.
International laws, such as human rights, protect us from bad national laws and judges are obliged to comply with them.

Therefore, simply if the judges complied with international law, the best and fastest revolution of all the times would be made, going from the current decadent societies, where a minority takes advantage of the majority, to progressive societies.

The Spanish social sector is pushing for a return to this rule in Spain, leaving evidence of this in the events of the first commemoration of Europeans's Day against judicial corruption (22-9-2018).




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